More Amazon Reviews - all within TOS

Amazon is cracking down on Buyer / Seller messaging. Instead they want you to use the 'Request a Review' button in Seller Central.

This Chrome Extension helps you take full advantage of this new feature.

Amazon Reviews on Autopilot

MiToU Butler starts on the 'Manage Orders' page in Seller Central. From there it automates the tedious process of going into orders and clicking the 'Request a Review' button. And it does so in a much smarter way than previous alternatives.

More Reviews

MiToU Butler acts like a VA on stereoids. It automatically executes review requests from within Seller Central.

TOS Compliant

Amazon added the 'Request a Review' button as the desired way to contact buyers. Buyer / seller messaging is not safe anymore.

Powerful Filters

Filters put you in control over which orders you want to ask a review for. E.g. target repeat buyers only or exclude promotions and more.

Full Privacy

The extension simply executes the same steps a human would do.
No requests are ever done in the background.

No Hidden Costs

This is not a stripped down version, you get all the features. No subscription or expensive upsells.

Future Updates

We have a whole list of features that we want to add. You will receive all future updates at no additional cost.